Football – The Best Sport in America

When I was little I never liked football because my dad would always watch it and I never could get his attention. As I grew up my dad convinced me to give it a try and go out for the team. From that day on I grew to love football. It was tough at first learning everything, I mean when you don’t know what is going on then you tend to lose interest.

When I first watched a football game on TV I was really confused on how they moved that yellow line so fast. It wasn’t until I asked my dad, he laughed and explained to me that it wasn’t really there. That was all I needed, all the other stuff just fell into place for me. Game after game it got more exciting for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. There is so many things that make football so great. I mean for any one who likes to see someone get knocked the heck out almost every game then football is that. Did you know that an average football player who plays a game it is the same as being in three car accidents. So as far as thrill is concerned football has what it takes.

But the very best thing about football ha www.ufabet s got to be the cheerleaders. I mean anytime the game gets boring you can just look over at the cheerleaders and it reminds you that this is really great. To see girls like that most time you have to pay for it. That was just a joke. But really, how awesome are the cheerleaders?

Well, that is all I have to say about football being the best sport ever. I challenge anyone to give it a chance and not like it.

Football has a lot to offer. What I mean by that is it teaches kids about working as a team and can also teach leadership as well as discipline. Which nowadays is a tough lesson to teach. That in its self is the biggest reason why this sport is so great.

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