Football Wide Receiver Training – Short Game

The purpose of this wide receiver training drill is to improve the wide receivers short game, while building leg strength and stamina.

Executed properly the receivers should make more catches and increase their yards after catch performance.

When lining up on the ball spy the defender. See how he is lining up and what direction he will be taking. The deeper he is lined up the better chance you have of beating the defender for big yards.

Explode off the line when the ball is snapped, making three quick cuts, right, left then faking right with a head and shoulder feint, while breaking hard to the left. Do this inside the 5 yard off the line of scrimmage rule. If the defender comes up, push him back while making your cut. The key to this wide receiver drill, is to stay in front of the defender while using your break away speed separating yourself from the defender.

The separation between the receiver and defender is ทางเข้า ufabet critical, it reduces the chances of the ball being tipped or picked off while increasing the yards after the catch.

For the best results when doing this training drill, have a quarterback throwing the ball. The quarterback should deliver the passes on target, high, low and behind the receiver, simulating real game conditions. Developing the receiver’s hand to eye coordination, improving the receiver’s confidence and focus.

Have the QB watch your foot movement and your head and shoulder fakes. Keep working the basics and you should see your football skills improve.

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