If This Type Of Leading Was Football, It Would Get A “Piling On” Penalty!

The overwhelming desire and effort to fit in, or the constant restating of what many others are saying, should never be confused, with behavior like a leader! How many times have you sat in meeting, participated in a phone call, or had some sort of discussion/conversation, where you kept feeling that distinct deja vu experience, where it seems like the same-old stuff, merely continues to be rehashed and restated? Perhaps that is one of the major contributing factors to why it so often appears that so little is actually accomplished by most organizations? Have you ever experienced a group email conversation, where it seems like many merely want others to know how smart, nice, or a good team player, and  ufabet เว็บแทงบอลมือถือ they continuously spew compliments, platitudes, or restate the same empty rhetoric, that so many have already stated (and restated)? Just as football rules do not permit piling on after a tackle, which means once the tackle is made, there is no reason, nor permission to jump on the pile after the fact, wouldn’t it make sense if those serving in leadership were excluded from merely restating the last great idea, and rephrasing it, and adopting it as their own, original idea?

1. Repeating what everyone else says: It’s okay to agree with someone else, if you truly feel, it is the best way to proceed, but it’s certainly not leading, when you do so, merely to fit in, or be popular, or perhaps even worse, appear PC (politically correct). In addition, once several others have done so, what is your purpose in merely saying, “Ditto”?

2. Always hitting Reply All, rather than r

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