LCD TV – Taking Entertainment to a New Level

LCD TV has taken entertainment to a new level by developing technology that can produce clearer and more vibrant pictures that would appeal to the eyes of the public. Movies became more captivating and gamers became even more enthralled by what the television is able to display. Along with the quality of the pictures comes the differing size of television. LCD television can be as wide as 300 inches which is all the more perfect for your entertainment pleasure.
First of all, LCD means Liquid Crystal Display and not Liquid Crystal Diode. There are many LCD abbreviations used in the lives of human beings. LCD in the Atkins Diet is known as the Low Carbohydrate Diet while in math it stands for Lowest Common Denominator. For entertainment pleasure, there is only one meaning to LCD.

The words “liquid” and “crystal” refer to the medium the TV uses. When electric current charges through the magnetic molecules in the LCD TV, it can twist and bend into many different angles. The angle that the molecules take on depends on how much light is allowed to pass. There are so many angles that the LCD television can support up to one thousand and twenty-four different shades of gray on its display. If it is capable of displaying up to a thousand different shades of one color, imagine how many shades it can support when it comes to other colors. This is what gives the LCD television an unrivaled display quality.
Many people are confused as to the difference of LCD television, plasma TV, and projector TVs. To clear this issue up, there are actually three TCL Smart TV types of LCD TV namely Flat Panel LCD, Rear Projection LCD, and Front Projection LCD.

The Flat Panel LCD is most closely resembles the Plasma TV thus giving it tough competition in the entertainment arena. The Flat Panel LCD also happens to be the thinnest and the lightest television in the world. Another type of LCD television, the Rear Projection LCD is giving its competitor, the Digital Light Projection TV, a run for its money as it can also deliver quality images on screen. It is the Front Projection LCD which can be seen in different sizes. Of course, the bigger and wider the screen, the more you can see home entertainment at its best.

There are a great number of advantages when you own an LCD TV. Aside from enhanced viewing pleasure, it is slim and never goes beyond 3.5 inches in depth. They do not consume too much energy and can only take about sixty percent of power, comparably lesser than the power plasma TVs consume. Lastly, safety is a great plus for LCD televisions because it does not emit harmful electromagnetic waves. You can watch all you want without any undesirable effects to your health.

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