Sash UPVC Windows And Their True Benefits

One of the true benefits of sash UPVC windows is that they allow so many owners of old period houses to join their fellow homeowners in making their properties warmer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient. A large proportion of owners of old, character residences refuse to replace old single glazed sash windows because they feel that there are inadequate alternatives on the market.

Sash windows were traditionally found in period homes of the Georgian and Victorian styles, but their popularity has spread and they are often the choice of many homeowners building new homes. Originally, these sash windows were made of wood and over time tend to warp and rot. Sash windows that are past their best are notorious for allowing air leakage which means they allow warm air to escape from a residence and cold external air to enter the home.

Presently, one can find sash windows that are made from many materials, the most popular now being UPVC. UPVC production technology has advanced immeasurably since those early days when they were first introduced. It is worth mentioning that in the industry today, many professional refer these windows as vertical sliders. However, many home owners and few refer only to them as “sash windows” regardless of the material it is made from.

Today’s sash UPVC windows have all the elegance of yesterday’s wooden sash windows. They feature low maintenance and never need to repaint, and come with enhanced weather protection which means you can turn your heating down, and never experience drafty windows, rattles or jammed windows.

Look for a premium sash UPVC window that has triple Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet seals for enhanced thermal and weather performance. Those with 24mm glazing combined with energy efficient glass helps reduce fuel bills. Premium sash windows made from UPVC also have superior security because they are stronger in design with special reinforced advanced hardware and anti-jemmy security bar.

The premium sash UPVC windows include low sightlines and decorative horns to give that traditional look to match Georgian or Victorian styling. They have featured oval designs to improve aesthetics and traditional “kerb appeal” that successfully combines the true benefits of these windows, but will not look out of place in a traditional residence.

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