The Best Bodybuilding Foods for Instant Weight Gain

Many bodybuilders forget about proper diets when they are trying to build muscles. In this article I want to introduce you to some major issues regarding bodybuilding foods.

In order to build muscle, bodybuilders must:

  • Stimulate muscle mass growth with regular intensive training;
  • Eat enough protein in order to meet the body’s need for amino acids, caused by intensive workouts;
  • Increase total calorie intake in line with increasing intensity of exercises; but they should avoid surplus consumption which will transform into fat;
  • Bring level of aerobic exercise to the minimum: no more than 30 minutes 4-5 times a week.


Here is the diet plan that you can follow or you can use it as SR9009 for Sale the basis for making your own programs.

Since the movement should be gradual, the program consists of three levels in the following order:

  • Start to feed yourself at level I before growing of muscle mass declines. Then transition to level II;
  • If after three weeks of level I diet you are not gaining weight, then transition to level II;
  • Stay at level II as long as you continue to gain weight. When weight gain stops, go to level III;
  • If after three weeks with level II diet you are not gaining weight, and then go to level III diet.


Absorption of a large amount of bodybuilding foods with many calories at once is not a very good idea. The digestive system simply will not be able to cope with such amount of food. Therefore, in order to eat more, you need to eat more frequently. I recommend eating more than three times a day for more gradual distribution of calories.


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