Top 11 Bodybuilding Machine Exercises – Bodybuilders Love Using Them

Some would argue that using a bodybuilding machine should only be done in the beginning, but this is said because they don’t know the effectiveness of using a bodybuilding machine.

To have effective workouts to transform your body, it is important that you switch up between the different exercises. So if you use compound exercises every time, then you should surprise your body by using an effective bodybuilding machine to build more muscle mass.

The Exercises

The workout machines we will focus on in this article will be some that are very effective for your different muscle groups and some that a lot of successful bodybuilders love using.

Bodybuilding Machine #1 – Chest Press:
The chest press is a lot like the bench press and is great for your chest muscle, triceps and shoulders.

Bodybuilding Machine #2 – Butterfly
The butterfly can be seen as the machine version of chest flyers and is also found in almost every gym around the world.

Bodybuilding Machine #3 – Lats Pulldown
This is a great exercise for your lat muscle and it is recommended that you pull the bar down in front of your face and not behind it.

Bodybuilding Machine #4 – Close Grip Pullback
This is another great exercise for your back area. A lot of bodybuilder recommends using the close grip bar with this one, but you can use the wide grip as well.

Bodybuilding Machine #5 – Preacher Curl Machine
This machine targets your biceps in an isolated way. Focus on keeping your elbows still and only curling your forearms.

Bodybuilding Machine #6 – Shoulder Press Machine
Another great substitution for shoulder press without free weights. Focus on keeping your back straight and your abdominals tucked in.

Abdominal and Lower Body

#7 – Dip Machine
The dip machine is also awesome for your triceps. It is important that you keep your elbows as close to your body as possible with this exercise.

#8 – Abs Crunch
The abs crunch machine is a great way to put resistance on your abdominal workout. But really focus on only using the abdominals and you will soon see the difference.

#9 – Leg Press
This is an awesome substitution for the squat. It targets your lower body and your gluteus in a great way.

#10 – Seated Calf Raise
The calf muscles should not be overlooked and this Buy SARMs Online is a great exercise to target those muscles.

#11 – Leg Curl Machine
You can find a standing and sitting leg curl machine, but switch it up to keep it exciting.

Have Fun With It
All of the above machines are great and not only for starters, but for experienced people as well. You can also use the smith machine to do the different exercises with, but what is important to realize is that the gym is your playground and you should have fun working out.

Working out is fun and it should be enjoyed every single second, so try the machines, see what you like and transform your body.

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