Why Crash Diets Don’t Work And What To Expect From Them

Everyday dieters are bombarded with a wide variety of options to lose weight fast, including many diets that offer the promise of outstanding results.

Diets that cut dramatically the amount of calories to be consumed for a brief period of time, like a few days or a few weeks, are generally referred to as crash or fad diets.

It is common that dieters that follow these types of diets experience good results over a short period of time only to see all the loses evaporate over a longer period of time, prompting them to follow the diet again and repeating the cycle into what some refer to as the yo-yo effect.

One of the problems with these diets is the user’s expectations of them, sometimes created or prompted by marketing claims.

Any person that consumes less calories than what is called the ‘caloric maintenance level’, which is the level of calories at which one person will keep its current weight, will experience loss of weight, so if you follow any of these diets which typically allows only a very low level of calorie consumption you will experience weight loss.

Besides your ‘caloric maintenance level’ there is also a minimum level of calories that is required by your body to keep all your organs functioning properly (Metabolic Basal Rate) as well as a level of nutrients that is also required by your body to keep everything running at optimal conditions.

It is very difficult to maintain an appropriate Sarms for weight loss level of nutrients in a very low amount of calories so most crash diets do not include the amount of nutrients you need everyday, so when you follow any of these diets you are starving your body of calories and nutrients.

At first. when you submit your body to a period of starvation of calories and nutrients it tries to compensate by taking nutrients from your inner body fat, which is a good thing for wight loss purposes, however, it also tries to shut down your metabolism to the lowest level possible and on doing so you can start to feel uncomfortable symptoms like hunger, lightness of head, headaches and all the way to more

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