Karaoke lends its style to Japan around 1970. During this time singing and dancing was the only form of entertainment for adults. A Japanese singer,Karaoke: Where Did It Start & Where Is It Going? Articles Daisuke Inoue, was asked by fans to record his songs and release copies so they could sing along. Inoue made a tape recorder that would play one song when money was deposited, making the first “sing-along” machine. First regarded as a boring fad, it soon became a popular pasttime that showed up in restaurants and hotels. The first karaoke 홍대룸싸롱 bars, as we know them, were called Karaoke Boxes. Inoue was awarded the gag Ig Nobel Peace Prize for inventing Karaoke and “thereby providing an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other.”

Karaoke’s popularity spread rapidly to other countries including the United States, where we have taken the art of karaoke singing to another level. Of course cassettes have been long replaced with CDs and DVDs. Technological advances have provided better equipment used for karaoke and the spread of venues such as bars and clubs have also increased its popularity.

Karaoke is now moving in a whole new direction. We are all aware of American Idol, which has been many times called a “glorified karaoke competition,” but there are other venues for those looking to succeed in their karaoke endeavors. With growing interest, the Karaoke World Championships has been in existence since 2003 with 29 countries in participation. Now that’s global participation!

Super CDGs are starting to replace the old versions. With these, manufacturers are able to place hundreds or thousands of songs on one disc. However, you will need a special player. Hopefully, they may start to come personalized with the songs you want. Even better are the MP3+Gs that allow karaoke fun with no discs, and no hassle.

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